“Amazing restaurant, first time having Thai and I have to say I will definitely come back! Had the Pad Pok with shrimp and the sauce was great, vegetables cooked to perfection, and the shrimp? Good lord I’ve not had shrimp that good before. The interior of the restaurant was beautiful and relaxing, and the service was remarkable.
5/5 10/10 A++ great restaurant, can’t wait to come back and try more!”
“This place is outstanding. I mean, I love Thai food anyway, but even for delicious Thai food I felt like this was a cut above.
We got the red curry with veggies and also the lad naan (off the menu) with tofu. Absolutely delicious and just the perfect amount of spice. The lad naan even had these fermented soy bean things that were so flavorful (looked like little peanuts) and shaved coconut on top.
And for desert we had an outstanding coconut ice cream (vegan) with a tiny amount of whole peanuts on top. We couldn’t get enough!! So delicious.
We will definitely be coming back next time we are in town.”
“A great hideaway Thai spot in the oceanfront area that’s close by. I like the simple and clean look of the inside of the restaurant. The soups are always the best, they have a savory hot pot, and the meals are always a visual feast. You know that they take great pride in what they put on the plate. A great spot for Thai flavor!”